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School is done for the summer!

Well ok, it is for me. Erin still has a few more weeks, but then she will have two months off too. I have no idea what I am going to do with my time. I am trying to find a job... need something to do in order to fill the hours. Let's be honest, there is only so much video games one can play.

At the Coast

We spent the weekend at the Oregon Coast, in a town called Garibaldi.

Spam Reduction

If you don't have an account with us, please request one =) We are trying to cut down on spam. If you have an account here, and you sign in, your posts get posted right away. If you don't have an account/don't sign in, we have to approve your posts. Which means, if we don't notice you've posted (sometimes the system doesn't tell us), your comment won't get posted. Please, if you want an account, request one, and we'll send you a password (I think we have to set them). Then continue the conversation! =D

Castle Cake

Yesterday I used my castle bundt pan, and it worked! I made chocolate guinness cake, and took it over to Rob and Katie's house for supper, and recruited help from Lindsey and Katie and Rob and Aric and Doug to help decorate it! The little squeeze bottles came as a decorating set, and worked marvelously. The cake also tasted pretty good! We served it in sections: would you like a tower, or a wall? Doug had a tower, Katie had the front gate! It was very very fun. I was a little giddy.

Journey Over the Mountains

Yesterday was the last day of finals, so Doug decided we needed to get out of the house. We got in the car and decided to drive along 12 to see what we could find. After White Pass, we saw a sign for a "scenic viewpoint", and there was Rainier! Quite scenic indeed. Notice my "tired med student" look with glasses, puffy eyes, confused expression and everything! We journeyed on through Packwood and Randle and ate at a delightful coffee shop called "The Bean Tree" in Morton. On the way home the setting sun graced the snowey mountains with a lovely berry red color.

Ferry Riding Adventures!

We like the ferry. When you don't have to wait in line for two hours (which we had to do over Thanksgiving) the ferry is one of the best things about Washington. The trip across usually takes about half an hour, and we get up and walk around, and stand out on the deck. Even one night in the rain we found a sheltered area and watched the pretty lights of West Seattle go by. Oh, and I got hot chocolate. We like the ferry =)

Schools out!

Well, it is for me anyway. Erin still has one more week. Then we have two weeks off to decompress before she goes back to school... then I have two more weeks to try and entertain myself. Good thing the new Star Wars MMORPG comes out in 9 days! Classes went very well for me. Not positive yet, but I think this might actually be the first semester I end up with a 4.0! I am just as surprised as everyone else! I assumed my laziness would lead to at least one A-...


So, I apparently suck at updating... who knew? Ok, I did, but I thought maybe I could be disciplined! Anyway, everything here is pretty much the same as it has been. Lots of school work for both Erin and I, not much else going on. I don't think I need to add the TV shows we've watched, the homework we finished, or any of that boring stuff. Hopefully something interesting or at least inspiring will happen (or I will imagine) so I can update more often!

Hopefully everyone else's life is as boring as ours (boring as in, nothing new to report, not boring as in nothing to do)!

Studying as an art form

Right arm: cutaneous nerve innervations
Left arm: dermatomes


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